Laois Marlins Swimming Club was formed in September 2009. Since then the Club has grown and now includes swimmers at every level, from learning technique to competing for coveted medals in Division 1 Galas.

The club prides itself on providing an enjoyable, friendly and safe environment for all members to pursue their athletic goals.

Dates For Your Diaries.

1st Dec 2018 - Laois Marlins Christmas Gala (Level 1 Gala) Entries Open on Its Plain Sailing

Laois Marlins Pool Party 15th Dec 218 - To be confirmed!

Well Done to Laois Marlins Swim Club who had a very successful 2017/2018 Season.

Term 1 Fees Due September 4th 2018

Just a gentle reminder that our Term 1 fees are due for all swimmers on the 4th of September 2018. All fees can be paid through https://www.itsplainsailing.com/club/lmsc

Squad Training Schedule

Squad Senior
Mon - 5.30pm-7.30pm
Tue - 5.30am-7.30am
Thu - 5.30am-7.30am
Fri - 7pm-8.30pm
Sat -10am-11:30am to be confirmed

Squad Junior
Mon - 4.30pm-5.30pm
Fri - 6pm-7pm
Sat - 8am - 9am to be confirmed

*Bank Holiday Training Schedule*
Junior Squad - 8am - 9am
Senior Squad - 9am - 10.30am

The Legacy of A Lane.

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The Legacy of A Lane: The Training Partner Bond   Swimming is usually referred to as an “individual” sport, which is ironic due to the notion that most swimmers are rather loud and social people. As a result, it can be very difficult to swim distance sets without being able to talk to someone about… Read more »

Will You Do What Other Swimmers Won’t?

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Maybe you’ve been there before… With those big goals in the back of your mind, you promise that you are going to do a little bit extra in order to accelerate your improvement in the water. You are going to step above and beyond what is already been asked of you day-in and day-out in… Read more »

Are You Training Both Hard And Smart?

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Hello Swimmers! The long term benefits of training hard in the pool are easy to list off: Working hard in the pool means you are better prepared to swim faster when the next big meet comes around. Working hard develops a mental toughness that can only be developed through experience and facing adversity. Working hard… Read more »

How To Have A Better Swim Practice Today

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Hello Swimmers! So where do we start? If you are struggling with where to begin, here is a question that will yield you some answers: Looking around at the other swimmers you train with, what are they unwilling to do to be successful After all… Not many swimmers will complete the full length of the… Read more »

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YC를 탐험하는 것과 거의 같은 영향을 미치지 않습니다.’우

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모든 믿음이 내가 생각한 모든 것을 모순했기 때문입니다.Facebook과 같은 소셜 미디어에서 항 바이러스 물질을 홍보하는 것은 절대 불법입니다.사태가 끝나면 무고한 사람들을 죽이지 않도록 우리의 위대한 군대를 지원해야합니다.높은 아치형 창문과 문 옆에있는 고리에 걸려있는 말 비트를 비롯한 몇 가지 독창적 인 기능을 통해 추가 로맨스를 얻을 수 있습니다..(우리 주차장은 쇼의 경찰서 주차장으로 사용되었습니다.) 쇼가 취소되었을 바카라사이트… Read more »

관리 위원들은 런던에서 스태포드 셔 호더 (Staffo

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데스크에서는 소셜 미디어, 뉴스 와이어, 경쟁 업체 및 현지 계열사가 하루 24 시간 연중 무휴로 흥미 진진하고 중요한 뉴스를 신고하고 쫓아갑니다..이 넌센스는 쉽게 반증됩니다.그녀가 cray 이었지만 우리는 매우 오랫동안 날짜를 기입하지 않았다 (모든 최고의 것들은 보인다).다음은 Kantrowitz의 2007 년 주요 수치를 기반으로 한 주요 결과입니다..당신은 반드시! 나는 아직도 그렇게하며 멈추지 않을 것이라고 예견하지 않는다.그들은 나를… Read more »

있다는 것입니다.회사의 ‘부서진’판매 모델은 소매

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누군가 다른 사람을 나쁘게 만들 수 있기 때문에 자신을 작게 만듭니다.’펠프스는’굿모닝 아메리카 ‘호스트에게 말했다.우주에 의해 단지 병든 농담으로 만들어졌고, 나는 자신을 싫어했고 내 삶을 싫어했다.Mistborn : Secret History 켈시어는인지 적 영역에서 승천의 우물에서 호드와 만난다.대출은 다시 되돌아 올 것이라고 생각한다.그러나 더 중요한 것은 그가 더 많이 배울 수있는 길을 가지고 있다는 것입니다.회사의 ‘부서진’판매 모델은 소매… Read more »

Laois Marlins Valentines Fun Gala!

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Laois Marlins Valentine’s Fun Gala is Coming up!!  The Christmas Fun Gala was a Huge Success for Both our Own and for the 9 other neighboring clubs who took part. The Fun Gala is a super way for younger swimmers or novice swimmers to get a feel for competition is a Fun Setting!  The Gala… Read more »

Laois Marlins Fun Gala Caused Waves of Excitement!

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The Laois Marlins Swim Club Christmas Fun Gala caused Waves of Excitement on Saturday the 1st December!  This is The Laois Marlins Annual Winter Gala and it is a firm favourite with many of the neighbouring Swim Clubs, as it is aimed at those younger swimmers just starting off their Gala Experience or those trying… Read more »

Laois Marlins Christmas Newsletter!

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Hi All, Just a quick note to say here is our Christmas Newsletter.  It gives you a quick up date over the past couple of Months, plus some details about Squad Training over the Christmas Period. Please have a read, and if you have any questions just get in contact Via Whatsapp. Have a very… Read more »

Laois Marlins Swim Club Poolside Duty November 2018

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Hi All, Please find Poolside Duty for Junior and Senior Squad set out below.  If you cannot cover your duty, please arrange to swap with another parent.  We are required by Swim Ireland to have a Parent on Duty at each and every training session. Thank you for your continued support. Senior Squad Poolside Duty… Read more »