Laois Marlins Swimming Club was formed in September 2009. Since then the Club has grown and now includes swimmers at every level, from learning technique to competing for coveted medals in Division 1 Galas.

Well done to all our swimmers who competed in the Leinster championships. Ten marlins have now qualified for national div 2 (June) and four swimmers have qualifying times for national division one champs (July). last chance gala in Wexford June 18 and small fry gala June 17.

Gala Season in full swing

Date for your diaries.
Leinster division 1 gala will take place at NAC June 2, 3 and 4. Closing date for entries is May 19.

Well done to all the swimmers who took part in the recent Leinster division 2 competition. Congrats to Christopher Carew who represented Leinster in the school's interpro competition.

The History of Swimming

The origins of swimming are lost in the murk of prehistory, but humans probably developed the skill after watching animals "dog paddle." Swimmers appear in artwork on Egyptian tombs, in Assyrian stone carvings, in Hittite and Minoan drawings, and in Toltec murals. Ancient gladiators swam while training, and Plato believed that a man who could not swim was uneducated. Contemporaries reported that both Julius Caesar and Charlemagne were strong swimmers.

Squad Training Schedule

Squad Senior
Mon - 5.30pm-7pm
Tue - 6am-7.45am
Thu - 6am-7.45m
Fri - 7pm-8pm
Sat - 10am-11:00am

Squad Junior
Mon - 4.30pm-5.30pm
Fri - 6pm-7pm
Sat - 11:00-12:00

The Legacy of A Lane.

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The Legacy of A Lane: The Training Partner Bond   Swimming is usually referred to as an “individual” sport, which is ironic due to the notion that most swimmers are rather loud and social people. As a result, it can be very difficult to swim distance sets without being able to talk to someone about… Read more »

Will You Do What Other Swimmers Won’t?

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Maybe you’ve been there before… With those big goals in the back of your mind, you promise that you are going to do a little bit extra in order to accelerate your improvement in the water. You are going to step above and beyond what is already been asked of you day-in and day-out in… Read more »

Are You Training Both Hard And Smart?

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Hello Swimmers! The long term benefits of training hard in the pool are easy to list off: Working hard in the pool means you are better prepared to swim faster when the next big meet comes around. Working hard develops a mental toughness that can only be developed through experience and facing adversity. Working hard… Read more »

How To Have A Better Swim Practice Today

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Hello Swimmers! So where do we start? If you are struggling with where to begin, here is a question that will yield you some answers: Looking around at the other swimmers you train with, what are they unwilling to do to be successful After all… Not many swimmers will complete the full length of the… Read more »

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Swim Ireland club handbook is available for download here. 20162017-club-handbook Packed with useful information on all matters related to swimming and competitive swimming. Check out the qualifying times for the galas you plan to attend later in the season, eg, Leinster Div 2 and Div 1 and National Div 2 and National Div 1.

Nicole Turner (Paralympic Games 2016)

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Nicole Turner (Paralympic Games 2016) Laois Marlins swimmer Nicole Turner received confirmation on the Ireland team on July 5th having already qualified for 6 events the year prior when making her senior team debut at the Para World Swimming Championships in Glasgow. The Team of 48 Irish Athletes of which Nicole was the youngest member… Read more »

New Club Kit Fitting Date October 28 (Friday)

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Laois Marlins have selected Teamwear Ireland to provide kit for the new season. Teamwear representatives will have samples for you to try on at the leisure centre on Friday 28th October (Friday) from 5.30pm until 8pm. 10% discount for orders paid for on the night.

May to July Pool Side Rotas

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Dear All – please find the last pool side rotas for this term – Poolside Rota Morning Sessions 9 May – 9 July 2016 Poolside Rota B Squad 9 May – 9 July 2016 Poolside Rota C&D Squad 9 May – 9 July 2016  

Marlins Spring Gala 2016

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It was a great day today at Portlaoise Leisure Centre with the Laois Marlins SC Spring Gala. Thank you to our visitors – Athlone SC, Aura Dundalk SC, St Fiaccs, Kilkenny SC, Longford SC, Piranha and Tullamore SC – for supporting our event. Please click on the link to see the days results. Gala Results 2016