How To Have A Better Swim Practice Today

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Hello Swimmers!
So where do we start?
If you are struggling with where to begin, here is a question that will yield you some answers:
Looking around at the other swimmers you train with, what are they unwilling to do to be successful
After all…
Not many swimmers will complete the full length of the workout with perfect technique.
A shockingly small amount of swimmers will hold the assigned breath count for the whole main set.
And very few swimmers will show up to every morning workout.
So do the things others are unwilling to do.
It’s kinda funny when you hear how much people want something, but in all honesty…
How many athletes will do the right thing when coach is not watching?
How many swimmers will eat well tonight, get to bed early, and get a kick-start on their recovery so that they can perform better tomorrow?
How many swimmers will tap out of the main set because they don’t feel like working hard or aren’t motivated?
Do what others make excuses for, and aren’t willing to do.
There are easily accessible tools, support and expertise already at your disposal. And yet…
Few swimmers will reach out for the support and help they need from coaches and experts.
Hardly any swimmers will work on their mental game so that it matches up to the training they invest in the pool.
And not many swimmers will invest a few minutes a day to record and evaluate their training.
So yes…
Do the things that others aren’t willing to do.

See you at the pool.