What Is Your How?

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Hello Swimmers!!
What do you need to get from where you are today, to where you want to be?
The what is the goal.
The how is the process.
So what are the things involved in the how of you achieving the what?
Do you need expert advice and coaching?
Never before have we had so much access to so much information. There are experts and coaches out there who can service your particular needs, whether it’s in the weight room, the pool, the kitchen, or the rehab room. Reach out to them.
Do you need layers of accountability in order to keep yourself on track?
There are a heap of ways to keep yourself honest on the way to your swimming goals. Writing out your workouts, for one. Making a pact with a teammate to keep each other honest, for another. Create a backstop of accountability to keep you on track.
Do you need to clean up your nutrition and sleep habits?
Sleep is the most underrated tool for high performance in your arsenal. Studies have repeatedly shown the performance boosts that come with sleep extension (9-10 hours per night), so make it a priority. Same thing with your nutrition. Treat your body like the Ferrari that it is and fill it up with high grade fuel.
Do you need to spend more time with the positive influences in your life?
I strongly believe the people we surround ourselves with play a strong and sometimes unseen influence on how we perform in and out of the pool. Choose your company wisely.
Do you need to be more consistent with your effort in practice?
Results come in tiny increments. And this means showing up every day and earning those little nuggets of progression. It’s awesome to think we are going to improve overnight, but that three-second drop you’re aiming for is earned 1/100that a time in practice.
Sit down and spend some time thinking about the how.
About what it will take to get you your what.
And when you are ready for some free-range accountability…
And enhanced consistency…
See you at the pool,